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GreenCO is Part of Colorado’s Water Supply Solution

Colorado’s climate is changing. Intense dry spells are occurring more frequently followed by periods of high precipitation. Wise water use must be a permanent way of life. GreenCO members have been part of the water supply solution for decades by implementing sustainable measures that are significantly reducing outdoor water use. Most Front Range water providers report sustained reductions in outdoor watering over the past 20 years.

GreenCO believes that efficient outdoor water use and beautiful outdoor spaces are compatible and achievable. The industry actively promotes the responsible use of water and other natural resources through the creation of best management and sustainability practices that are widely embraced and used. We rely on science-backed studies and data to guide our recommendations. This includes encouraging more sustainable planning, design, installation and maintenance of our landscapes.

Only about 3% of Colorado water supply is used on landscapes, including residential and commercial landscapes as well as parks, sports complexes, golf courses, etc. However outdoor watering uses about 50% of residential water.


GreenCO’s Approach to Sustainable Landscapes and Saving Water

The green industry recognizes and embraces the need for routine and ongoing conservation and balancing water needed for the overall water supply with that needed for plant health. The industry has and continues to advocate for sensible, science-based methods that reduce water use and maintain plant health.

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The Value of Landscapes
A 2015 Colorado State University study, quantified how the 3% of water used for landscapes benefits the environment, protects and preserves wildlife and improves physical and mental health and increases property values. “The use of 3 percent of Colorado’s available water to maintain green landscapes is a legitimate allocation of water resources,” said Tony Koski, professor and Extension Turf Specialist in CSU’s Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture.

The study documents significant benefits including reduced heating and cooling requirements, better air quality, preserved wildlife habitats and reduced greenhouse gas emissions and economic considerations.

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The Hidden Value of Landscapes: Implications for Drought Planning, Colorado State University


Water Conservation and Sustainability Information for Homeowners

The public plays an important role in reducing water use. A beautiful landscape and outdoor water conservation are not mutually exclusive if you learn how to use water wisely.

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Sustainable Landscaping

The Green industry led the development of best management practices (BMPs) and sustainable landscape maintenance methods with the input of horticulture and water experts. This approach produces landscaping that grows in harmony with the natural conditions of Colorado. Benefits include a reduction in outdoor water use, reducing stormwater runoff, preserving plant health, protecting habitat and more.

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