Legislative Affairs

Government relations is a primary GreenCO activity.  The legislative committee is the place where all seven industry segments come together to work on industry issues and concerns.  The committee meets twice per month during the legislative session to review proposed legislation, take positions and develop grassroots action.  GreenCO™,s PAC works during election years to interview candidates and provide funding if appropriate. 

2015 Legislative Priorities


  • Support funding and innovation of Colorado water needs to include conservation, water infrastructure, reuse, and storage
  • Support sustainable water conservation principles for both indoor and outdoor use to include industry Best Management Practices (BMPs). GreenCO's BMPs are supported by the state as the standard for outdoor water.
  • Oppose water legislation that is anti-growth.

Pesticide Applicator Act Sunset

  • Support DORA's recommendation to continue the law in its current form and with CDA as the lead agency for the next nine years.
  • Oppose any measure to allow for local control when applying pesticides.
  • Oppose non-research based arbitrary bans on pesticides.

Construction Defects

  • Support legislation that provides more protection for contractors during any construction defect litigation. Colorado™'s current process has increased the liability to the construction industry far above a reasonable level. 

Construction Payment Reform

  • Continue efforts to find policy solutions to construction payment issues in Colorado

Amendment 64 and Potential Employer Impacts

  • Support the rights of employers to establish and enforce zero-tolerance policies that promote a safe and productive work environment include policies surrounding substance and alcohol use. 

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View the calendar to find GreenCO sponsored legislative events and legislative committee meetings.