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We understand why water providers have set limits for outdoor water use this summer. This does not mean that consumers have to ignore their landscapes. Spring is an ideal time to plant. Research from Colorado State University states groundcovers, perennials, shrubs and trees that are for Plant Hardiness Zones 3A to 7A can be successfully planted as soon as the soil can be worked. Practices such as soil amendment and mulching should always be used to further improve plant establishment and long-term health. Read more about drought-savvy practices here:
Landscape Drought-Savvy Practices

Trees, grass and plants don't "just look good, they have important jobs“ enhancing our environment, increasing property values, and improving our health and quality of life.  As Colorado braces for another year of drought, it is important to recognize the value and importance of plants in our communities and do what we can to keep them alive and healthy. Read more about the benefits of a healthy landscape here:
Environmental and Economic Benefits of Healthy Landscapes

The economic impacts of drought are felt by everyone: water providers, property owners and the green industry. Keeping landscapes alive and maintaining property values should be a
priority for policy makers. Learn more about GreenCO's long term water
policy positions here:
GreenCO Long Term Water Policy Positions

GreenCO is encouraging regional water providers to align water restrictions with industry Best Management Practices (BMPs), learn more about these recommendations here: 
GreenCO Key Messages for Water Providers

Landscapes can survive using less water.  GreenCO member associations can help you train landscape plants to use less water and still be healthy and vigorous. Plants and our yards enhance our quality of life. Gardening is an extremely popular and healthy hobby. A beautiful landscape and outdoor water conservation are not mutually exclusive if you learn how to use wisely.  Read  more about  how to conserve water and maintain a beautiful and healthy landscape here: 
GreenCO Key Messages for the Public

Industry Resources

Proper plant selection, care and maintenance are essential at all times. A healthy properly-maintained landscape can add thousands of dollars to your property value. Do your part to conserve by following simple water conservation tips provided by Green Industry professionals.

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